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The Cruise ship keeps you entertained day and night with exciting shows, 

a grand casino, swimming pools, 

a pampering spa and so much more. 

There's tons of fun for kids too, so bring

 the whole family and enjoy the adventure

 of a lifetime.


 At KCV, we realize that for parents to enjoy a cruise there must be childcare included. 

-There are specifically designated children's play room(s) to engage your active and creative kids  with age appropriate activities throughout the day and evening.

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We’ve taken the mystery out of Kosher Gourmet Cruising.  You will know exactly how much your room costs and how much you are paying for the privilege to be pampered by our world renowned chefs. 


Travel with confidence with KCV. 

Finally a program that is as crystal clear as the ocean you will be sailing on.                                 

In addition to NCL's on board hospital, every KCV cruise will have a Family Medicine Physician Assistant, Miami Hatzalah Paramedic and a Registered Nurse, certified in Advanced Cardiac life support (ACLS) and

 pediatric (PALS). 

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Kosher Dining


Meals & Kashrus

Includes 3 gourmet meals prepared fresh daily in our designated Kosher Dining room.

  Breakfast and lunch will be served buffet style and dinner will be table service. 

There will be a rich tea-room with delicacies each afternoon and late evening.     

Daily Minyanim and shiurim.

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Our Story

Details about dining on a NON Kosher Catered Cruise

Many cruise lines offer prepackaged kosher meals with reliable Hashgacha, comparable to meals served on an airplane or at a hospital.    

The biggest issue is that kosher options are limited and no information prior to boarding is given regarding the menu or the stock availability. (Meaning the cruise may run out of kosher meals- which has happened before.)

A typical dinner scenario is as follows: Upon arrival at your assigned dining room, a waiter takes your order and proceeds to warm up the meal. It takes an average of 30-40 minutes for the food to arrive. In the meantime, you are offered cut-up fruits and vegetables, served in non-kosher utensils mingled with the other non-kosher items from the general buffet. For example, the lox is kosher (according to the maître d’) but it is sitting adjacent to the shrimp on the buffet. Finally, your meal arrives double wrapped and impossible to open without a sharp knife or scissors. (The waiter does offer to cut it open for you with his non-kosher knife.) Unfortunately after all that, the meal is often cooked unevenly and is not too appetizing.  

At the end of every meal, your waiter will take your order for the upcoming meal. This involves having the maître d’ verify the kosher meal stock availability via computer prior to placing the order.  This is usually an additional 30 minute process.  Other than the prepackaged kosher meals, one must rely on non-Jews to find out which other products aboard are kosher and have the kosher "sign" on the packaging.    

Unhappy, hungry, and desperate for an edible meal, we have seen many people order for example cooked salmon and potatoes, with NO added ingredients, double wrapped in tinfoil. After relying on the leniency of “non-Jewish cooking”, you will be amazed at how great the plain salmon tastes.  Despite the waiter’s reassurance that nothing was added to your food, you couldn’t help but notice the taste of salt and butter.    

We at KCV are putting an end to this “mishigas” (craziness) and are proud to serve you AFFORDABLE Kosher gourmet meals enhancing your overall cruising experience. 

Why pay extra for Kosher Gourmet

You are paying for the peace of mind of knowing that your religious values are being met to YOUR halachic  standards, while enjoying delicious Gourmet Kosher delicacies

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